Scions of House Tarkanan

And All Khyber Let Loose

As soon as we entered this "Amber Temple" and started exploring, Anastasia heard heavy breathing and commotion behind the door to the left. Opening the door, we found a room full of rank barbarians huddled around a fire pit.  Since they liked fire so much, I decided to treat them to a fireball, something they liked significantly less. Although, the spears that they immediately grabbed once the door was opened really did negate the chance of a neutral encounter.

That's when it all blew up, as we began to face the barbarians, a chain lightning spell burst from the statue's head covered in darkness (yours truly was the target of this and many other attacks during this protracted fight, guess they knew who the real threat would be).

Lord Sabre, taking the form of a dusk elf, dimension doored into the statues head, his warlock's sight allowed him to see the hand sticking out of the statue's face when the spell went off. He fought the spellcaster in the statue as my other companions fought the barbarians. Of course, that's when we were subject to a barrage of magic missiles from what proved to be arrow slits in the side galleries of the main temple. If that weren't enough a trio of hag-like creatures climbed the stairs towards us casting spells.

Lord Melbourne, Lord Sabre, "Dusky" or whatever battled a thing he described as a jackal-headed humanoid spellcaster in the statue's head. One of the hags tried to permanently kill the illusion I had left where I dropped. On opening the gallery doors, we came upon three flameskulls. And just as it seemed that the battle was either lost or would never end, we found oursleves among the corpses of our foes.




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