Scions of House Tarkanan

Brave New World

Eternity Passes before we all burst up from our shallow graves. Clawing our way out of the earth, we find ourselves in a small cemetery, surrounded by pine woods. We have no possessions, though I do still remember the spells I had prepared beforehand, in Khorvaire. I must keep that memory alive, it seems to slip from me by the moment. I am not of this new world.

The dwarven druid, Thrugel or some such thing, took the form of a wolf and left our group.  Poor thing, he may not even remember that he's sentient.

Setting out in no direction in particular, we come upon an abandoned manor house. The winged tielfings begin reconnaissance from the air. No, Lilin and Nex begin reconnaissance from the air. They report that the second floor had collapsed. Closing on the possible refuge, we discover an opening to the underground, cellar chambers. Proceeding to scout the area, the tunneling turns into a fairly extensive ghoul warren, complete with the loathsome creatures.

Battle ensued, Nex was less than helpful, staying in the air the entire time. That triggers a memory. After destroying the undead that haunt these ruins, we find a signet ring and many coins minted in electrum, a metal alloy not used in Khorvaire. The electrum pieces have a unique stamp, possibly the lord of this land. Also found was the signet ring of a noble or wealthy house.

Margin Note: I have determined that this signet ring is the house of Durst.

Once the undead were destroyed, we chose to use the manor as a safehouse for the night. The next morning, we continued on the road (to the manor house from somewhere).  We encountered a man hung by manacles from a tree branch. Freeing him, we gained some knowledge of this land, though much of it did not make sense at the time.

He spoke of the "bosses daughter, Aragul" and the Lord's right hand man Lugash. Although it seems that Lugash leads the primi. Piecing together the rants, Arugal may be Lugash's right hand man. I don't have enough information at this point.

We find a side road to a large vale, the vista shows us a large clearing with a river flowing south through the forest, The road leads through fields to a village, I estimate maybe a thousand people, maybe more. But now is the time to rest. We determine watches and shifts, I will pay attention to those who don't do their part.



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