Scions of House Tarkanan

Called by House Tarkanen

I remember most of what happened in our homeland, though after the transition, many of my companions have lost all or most memory of our homeworld.  I shall try to relate what I remember below as I start this journal of our plight.


There we were, scions of House Tarkanen, called together by the leaders of our house for a very important mission. With me was Lord Selik Melborn, a somewhat flamboyant swahsbuckler type, Lilin de'Takranen, a winged tielfling warlock who looks as if she has some succubus blood in her, Inonvex, a silver dragonborn, obviously a warrior, Nex Darkblade, another winged tiefling, roguish Thrugal, a dwarf with an obvious allergy to bathing and Anatalia an attractive and very poised human female.

We had been called together by the leaders of House Tarkanen because one of their own, Mother Mercy, had gone missing.  Mother Mercy was the house leader who had found me after I had escaped Flamekeep and helped set me on the path that I now follow.

Mother had been searching for a powerful artifact in the Eldeen Reaches, a region of untouched wilderness in Khorvaire. She had been attacked by the Skyreaver, commanded by a Captain someone who's name was made hunting down members of House Tarkanen and skinning them alive to steal their Dragonmarks. Somehow the leaders knew her airship had gone down, something about a veil of hot, misty springs. Actually, her ship may have been the Skyreaver, this is all fuzzy.

We were to travel to a town named Xandrar which was the closest community to where Mother Mercy had been last located. From Xandrar, we had to make our way to Sylbaran on Silver Lake posing as traders or just sellswords I believe. I think there was a large battle against some bandits.

I remember being in the battle, and creating a defensible position in the middle where my magic could do the most good. Then I remember the other party members fleeing the battle, leaving the dragonborn Inonvex and myself, with Lilin raining down destruction on the wing. Inonvex was brought to unconsciousness pretty quickly, that's what happens when your left alone in the fight. I had to make my way to him invisibly to dimension door us out of from the middle of the enemy in order to save him. On a ship later, the rest of the party found their way back – I hope I thanked Lilin.

We traveled from Sylbaran north, following the Byeshk Mountains then made our way north to something called the Fangmists. There were more attacks. Finally we found the Skyreaver – so it was Mercy's ship – totally stripped. More days of travel found us at the Mistfangs, two mountains shaped like orc tusks perfectly framing the only entrance to a large valley. Past the entrance we spied the fortress of our enemy. Two flags were being flown, one made of the flayed flesh displaying the Dragonmark of a member of House Tarkanen.

And then the world exploded.



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