Scions of House Tarkanan

Exploring the Amber Temple

Once the first wave of foes were defeated, we explored the balcony-level rooms of the temple after taking a short rest. Off of the barbarian's room it looked like someone dug a passage leading out to a small ledge looking down over the entrance. Also off the barbarians room was a secret chamber with scroll nooks carved into the walls, a hidden panel revealed a small batch of inks and writing supplies suitable for scribing scrolls and spellbooks. Nex had found a magical staff on a corpse in the flameskull gallery. I need to ask him if he found anything else – but that almost goes without saying at this point. Further in, we found a potion-making room, though there was nothing left to scavenge from there. We alos found a room with a model castle, could this be the Castle of this Strahd we keep hearing about. In that room was a chest with a false bottom. In that false bottom was an exquisitely bound tome. Further down the hall was a dining room complete with a prepared magical feast. While it shouldn't be necessary, I warned my companions not to eat anything.

Off of the dining room was a crumbing balcony that led to a chamber with an idol. Two skeletons lay next to the idol which emanated a magical effect, an effect I resisted this time. As the rest of my companions and I determined which way to proceed, we were again attacked from rooms and gallery across the great hall. The jackal-headed creature began casting spells while magic missiles streaked out from the arrow slits in the gallery. Creating an illusory curtain to shield my allies from sight, we engaged this new wave of creatures. Ana chose to make her way through the rooms yet unopened and triggered an amber golem as she found her way around.

The jackal-headed creature stayed in the main hall, engaging us in a magical volley, once it was severely hurt, a well-placed fireball from yours truly finished the job. At that point it dissolved in the same manner as summoned creatures do. We were still engaged with a human figure and the flameskulls. The flameskulls fled down a well, firing magic missiles whenever we attempted to look down the well while the human disappeared, but was last seen in the gallery.

One of the doors in the gallery was barred from inside, once my companions got it opened we entered a room looking like a lecture hall. Behind the podium was a young man. Being well-versed in this type of deception, I blasted him.




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