Scions of House Tarkanan

Secrets of the Amber Temple

So we decide to rest for the evening in the library of the Amber Temple. Everyone is woken up in the middle of the night by a loud noise from below, where the evil entities are imprisoned. At that point it becomes apparent that Lilin and the dusk elf Casomir are missing. The only issue being that Lilin's Tiny Hut has winked out of existence. I wake long enough to create my own hut and go back to sleep.

In the morning, Lilin says that she has made a better pact. Exploring below, one of the sarcophagi has been shattered and the entity within released. I spend much of the next day perusing the library. The tomes are both magically preserved and magically protected, but the magic is dispelled on leaving this room. Lilin dispelled the illusion magic in the library, allowing us to read the tomes which appeared blank while the illusionary aura was active. Taking a relatively unimportant tome, I found that it turned to dust once beyond the doors, another trap of sorts. To study the knowledge here requires someone to stay here. I find a list of entities, while Lilin is more interested in one particular entity called Z'dum the Corpse Star. I can assume that this is the entity she freed from its imprisonment.

While Lilin and I spend time in the library, Nex goes off to the lich's lair to treasure hunt with his shield guardian and Dusty (Lord Sabre) while Ana and the apprentice move to the main hall to continue exploring the Temple. Eventually everyone returns. Nex describes having his guardain destroy the lich's phylactery, while Ana and her new boy found some one-eyed creatures in another wing of the temple.

We pull ourselves away from the library to combat the one-eyed creatures. Once I use a minor illusion to pull them out of one of the sarcophagus rooms, the creatures are dispatched with minimal efforts. This wing houses two open sarcophagus rooms and Nex foolishly begins making pacts with all of the entities. His grotesqueness increases with each deal. 

That's when we hear him, taunting use from the main hall, it must be Strahd himself, so pleased that he has found us finally and can begin his hunt. Though we don't see him from our current location, very quickly two of his undead magi begin the battle, opening up with Fireballs.



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