Scions of House Tarkanan

The Dusk Elf's Quest

Meeting the dusk elf wizard Casomir and his archer companion Savid, they took us up into the mountains surrounding this accursed land. Following an ancient path we traveled up Mount Ghakis on a narrow path along the side of the mountain. From this high vantage point we could see a large lake and forest beneath us.

Eventually we came to a giant stone bridge and battlements, our guides called it the Sirlanka Pass if I heard correctly. Large demonic (vrocks, I believe) gargoyles sat atop the guard post on either side of the gatehouse and a large tower adorned with more gargoyles lay just beyond the portculli. 

Of course, the two vrocks leapt to life as soon as we attempted to pass through the gates, and the gargoyles on the far tower proved to be ghouls encased in a thin coating of stone (perhaps magically preserved). The demons and undead were challenging, but we were victorious over the unholy combination. We searched the towers before deciding to camp the night.

The morning saw another four hour climb to this "Amber Temple", fifty-foot-tall statues flanked the entrance and the trackers among us noted fresh footprints into the temple, with a slender footprint standing out from the others which just appeared and led into the temple.

Casomir then let us know that this was a temple to the Morninglord, their version of Dol Arrah. It was created by an order of heroes to house the evil they either fought or defeated.

Entering the main passage, we came into a large central chamber. Across from us was a large statue of a spellcaster of some sort. A globe of magical darkness enveloped his head. Lilin, who sees through magical darkness, said that the hidden face was blank.



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