Scions of House Tarkanan

The Jackal Defeated - we hope

So I blasted the innocent-looking apprentice, but Ana stabilized him and my companions actually used our limited resources to get him up, turns out his "Master" Vilneus had a quasit familiar that has now adopted the apprentice – nothing wrong with that picture. The flameskulls started flying up and down the well, damn things cast fireballs at us twice in a matter of seconds, and I ate dirt both times, thankfully my companions hadn't wasted all of our resources on the "innocent" apprentice with the quasit. Then the jackal-creature attacked again while we were busy with the flameskulls. Lilin found the room under the well on the lower level and helped us from below. Nex was running around the lower level, very likely looting while we fought the battle for our very lives. The jackal-creature eventually fell, along with the flameskulls, but it was a tough battle. I am nearly bereft of spells, we can't go on like this much longer.

Once we looted the jackal creature, we returned to the false dining room and tried to figure out how to get by the cursed idol. I had thought that since I resisted it once, I could go through, but I was enraptured by the idol and my companions had to pull me out of there. That's when Nex shows up with a shield guardian, and foolishly makes it walk out on the crumbing balcony, we both fell to the lower-level below – does the tielfing even have a brain. Treacherous balcony, lets move the extremely heavy golem out.

As we began to think of how to cross the room, Lilin cast dimension door to move beyond the room. Dusty (Lord Sabre) established contact with clairvoyance/clairaudience as we finally wrapped the idol up and threw it to the lower level for the golem to beat into dust.




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