Scions of House Tarkanan

The Murder House

The next morning, after taking in a full view of the land, we finally made it to that small town we had seen in the distance.  Approaching the village, we encountered a pair of young waifs in the abandoned outreaches of the settlement.

They entice us into their "home" before we realized that they were spirits of murdered children, likely from the same home. The house itself was haunted in a way that I had never seen, the spirits that turned this house into a bloodbath had no comparable lore in Khorvaire. This place turned out to be another location of the Durst family, of which I had their signet ring from the ghoul warren. While we battled undead, haunts and inexplicable phenomena, the tiefling Nex chose to "case" the place and look for loot. I will not soon forget that.




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