Scions of House Tarkanan

The Source

Finally reaching the area that Lord Sabre had seen/heard as he followed Lilin, we came into an expansive library. A large circular stairway led down to an unknown location. After we entered the room and destroyed the lich that Sabre had seen speaking with Lilin, several vampires ascended the staircase and attacked.

One, a spellcaster of no small ability summoned a foul fiend (a death slaad) who came to do battle with us from the main temple. Was it summoned, bargained with, or had it already existed within this "Amber Temple"? Once my companions had defeated the vampires and death slaad we found Lilin at the bottom of the staircase. Beneath the library rested three sarcophagi, supposedly containing hunger, knowledge and moon (death). Vampire, Lich, and (well, that's the question). Lilin had contacted the power within the death sarcophagus and looks like death herself now, with skin stretched tight over her bones.

Exploring the area, I found two rings and a mantle in the dust of the destroyed vampires. Lilin started the ritual to create a tiny hut and we definitely need to rest. I am still extremely worried about this apprentice who is bound to the quasit and Casomir, the dusk elf wizard. We do not know the motives of either and both could betray us for power at a moments notice. As I fall into a troubled sleep, I also wonder what lore exists in the tomes surrounding us? What will I be able to preserve? And what lore will I need to destroy to keep it from reaching the evil that is pervasive in this realm?




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