Mondrian Aladarch

Thick, curly black hair frames the face of this young Thranish man.


Exemplifying the Thranish idea of beauty with thick curly locks and bright green eyes, Mondrian was able to turn heads in his home city of Thaliost. A popular man about town, few suspected that Mondrian was a fugitive from Thranish justice. Fewer still suspected that the young, outgoing man bore the Mark of Flame, an aberrant Dragonmark that labeled him a member of House Tarkanen.


Mondrian Aladarch was born in the city of Flamekeep, capital of the great nation of Thrane. His family was wealthy, and Mondrian grew up in the lap of luxury. Yet Mondrian was a bit of a wild spirit, given to sneaking out of the manor and making friends his parents would have not approved of (if they had any clue this was happening). One of his teachers discovered that Mondrian had a knack for the arcane and was able to grasp the basics of magical theory easily. As he developed his talent, Mondrian found himself attracted to the school of illusion. Deception came easily to the young man, though he also found himself fascinated with spells of fire and flame.

Mondrian’s life changed on day when he was caught in a grand deception. Brought in for questioning by the inquisitors, Mondrian languished in a cell unwilling to bring shame on his family by revealing his true name. As a squire brought him his evening meal, the Mark of Flame fully manifested on Mondrian’s left arm, killing the innocent squire with a bolt of fire. Knowing that the Mark meant his execution, Mondrian grabbed the keys from the corpse and magically disguising himself as the squire, escaped the holding center.

On the run, Mondrian used his contacts to smuggle himself out of Flamekeep. He was eventually contacted by House Tarkanen and undertook more than a few adventures in support of his new House. Changing names and identities as the need arose. He eventually gained enough wealth to create a new identity in Thaliost and settled down to the life of a smuggler. Here, he took the name Mondrian Aladarch and has become a major asset for House Tarkanen, being able to transport goods and people between Thrane and Karrnath.

Mondrian has built up quite an extensive organization of contacts and knows the ways into and out of a dozen ports in Thrane, Karrnath and Aundair. He uses two alternate personalities extensively, having spent years developing the illusion.

Mondara is a middle-aged, darkly beautiful Aundairan woman who has some contacts in the small town of Askelios in Aundair, just a few days from Thaliost. Mondara is often seem traveling in her coach between the two communities and has charmed half the patrol leaders and border guards with her good looks, ample breasts and flirty manner.

While Lady Mondara sometimes does business in the Karrnathi city of Rekkenmark, most of the business in Karrnath is done by a young blond Cyran refugee known as Mondark. Mondark is a young mage, brash and outgoing. Due to his Cyran background, most of the Karrnathi guardsmen excuse his occasional lapses in judgement as he tries to make his fortune in his new home city (after all, he’s Cyran, he can’t help it).


Mondrian Aladarch

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